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DBA Breffni Electrical PV Solar Panels

PV Solar Panel

PV Solar Panel System Design

Each house has its own individual set of criteria which need to be taken into account when selecting the most cost-effective PV solar panel system for a house or commercial premises. Once we have assessed your property and provided you with a number of options in conjunction with computer generated software simulations for these options we give you or our recommendations on what we feel is the best fit for your particular circumstances.


Our reputation as being the most experienced and reputable PV solar panel company in Ireland has been achieved by only installing the best possible solar solutions for our customers.

The factors that contribute to the overall performance of a PV solar system are:

Roof Orientation: Ideally panels should be oriented between south east and south west (including due south), but are also quite effective on a roof with an east-west orientation.

The energy requirement of your house: We always try to install the system best suited to the energy requirement of your home. This helps us to determine what system is best suited to your needs and technology that should be installed.

Long-term energy requirement: A correctly designed system will take into account what the long-term demographic and lifestyle of the occupants of the home will be. In most cases, a larger PV system is usually the best choice for the homeowner. The reason for this is that the power requirement for our homes is set to increase significantly over the coming years as we all adapt to electric powered methods of transportation. We will help explain and recommend insallation options best suited to our customer's long term requirements.

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