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DBA Breffni Electrical Security


Security systems more than pay for themselves in the long run.

We install high quality, reliable security systems to ensure that you and your family, or your business are safe and happy.

Having worked on many security projects over the past DBA Breffni Electrical has developed a reputation for delivering a service to the highest standards, on time and on budget.

Experience in...

DBA Breffni Electrical Alarm Systems

Alarm Systems

DBA Breffni Electrical Security Lighting

Security lighting

DBA Breffni Electrical Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates

DBA Breffni Electrical Intercoms and Access Control Systems

Intercoms and Access Control Systems

DBA Breffni Electrical Motion Controlled Lighting

Motion Controlled Lighting

And much more..

Security Camera
Please note, every customer has different security requirements and we will endeavor to design a solution that will meet your needs. We will be happy to provide an on-site survey to discover what solutions best suit your budget and needs.
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